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QUIZ TIME - 20th Jul 2016

How many of these questions about names & places in southern New Zealand can you answer without using Google?
  1. What was the correct Maori name for Lake Manapouri (think lots of islands)?
  2. What would the Waitaki River be called if pronounced with a Northern Maori dialect rather than the Southern Maori dialect?
  3. Who or what is Middlemarch named after?
  4. What was Molyneux River actually named in the end?
  5. Who was Invercargill named in honour of?
  6. What was the Maori name for the Rock and Pillar Range?
  7. What was Roxburgh formerly known as?
  8. What did fighter William Abednego Thompson give his name to?
To learn the answers, you can either buy a copy of Names and Places in Southern New Zealand by George Griffiths or Place Names of New Zealand by AW Reed or Wise's Every Place in New Zealand (they are a source of fascinating tidbits of history and folklore) or you can wait for the answers tomorrow.  

Alternatively, you could use Google and then see if the answers you find match ours!

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