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Problems - 25th Oct 2017

I wonder if you can guess what attracted me to today's books (and it's not because of the obvious reason that the two titles apply to me).

Alcohol Problems & Alcoholism by Royce
Solving Your Money Problems by David Crank

It is the refreshing use of the world 'problem' in the titles that attracted me when I saw the books. I often wonder if I am alone in being irritated by the fact that no-one has 'problems' any longer. The word 'issues' is now almost exclusively applied to what are clearly (and far more accurately) problems.

Almost everyone is guilty of this inaccurate woolly language from television presenters, radio announcers, newspaper journalists and politicians to doctors, economists, and teachers. We now have traffic issues, health issues, an issue with violence, money issues and learning issues.

I suspect it is a determination not to call a spade a spade but it is very annoying. Let's get back to problems (disorders, difficulties, or troubles) and leave the poor maligned word 'issue' for important topics needing discussion.

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