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Physics and Super Heroes - 17th Feb 2017

Physics and Super Heroes The Physics of Super Heroes

James  Kakalios, who wrote the above book, is a professor of physics at the University of Minnesota. He wrote the book because of the popularity of his seminar titled "Everything I Know about Physics I Learned by Reading Comic Books". 

If superheroes stepped out of the comic, could they work their wonders in a world constrained by the laws of physics?
How strong would Superman have to be to leap tall buildings in one bound?
Could Storm of the X-Men control the weather?

James Kakalios provides brilliant explanations while introducing both classical and cutting-edge concepts in physics, including what Superman's strength can tell us about the Newtonian physics of force, mass, and acceleration; what villains like Electro and Magneto tell us about electricity and magnetism; how Iceman's powers show the principles of thermal dynamics; what the Human Top can tell us about angular momentum.... and more!

His love of both comics and physics shines through and makes this a must-read.

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