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Olympic Legends - 12th Aug 2016

The Book of New Zealand's Olympic Medallists - Topical but of enduring value

This book contains original signatures of 97 New Zealand Olympic medallists from Helsinki 1952 to Athens 2004.  Every medal winner who was alive in 2005 has signed (with the exception of two medallists who declined to participate - can you guess who they were?).

It's packed full of fascinating information about all our medal winners including such greats as Yvette Williams, Peter Snell, John Walker, Murray Halberg, Russell Coutts, Mark Todd, David Tua and many many more household names.  The illustrations are superb and tell their own story through the many photographs.

Did you know our first medal was in 1908 at the London Olympics where Harry Kerr won a bronze in the 3500m walk or that Rob Waddell spent a year in Japan where he learnt Japanese and got a black belt in judo or that Yvette Williams had to sew her own shorts to compete in?  Read this book and you will know all this and a great deal more.

This is "a truly awesome book" said Hamish Carter, gold medalist in the 2004 triathlon. 

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