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Office Move at Dowling Street - 15th Sep 2016

Great excitement here at Hard to Find Bookshop in Dunedin!

The office has moved from the back to the front of the building.  This may not seem a big deal to the rest of the world but it is to us.

For a start, the new office has natural light pouring in through a huge window and as summer is approaching we will be working in a sun-filled, light and airy office.  A real treat.

Ngaio Marsh has also decided to move with us (as you can see from the attached pictures) and we are very pleased to welcome her as an office-mate.  When you're in the shop, you'll be able to see her staring out over the top of the office door.

The hardworking staff have a new packaging and processing area too right beside the window.  A good move for all concerned.  


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