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Niue - 23rd Apr 2018

Niue Before heading off for a holiday on the island of Niue, a bit of background reading wouldn't go amiss; particularly since many people have only barely heard of Niue.

Niue 1774-1974: 200 Years of Contact and Change
by Margaret Pointer

It is a tiny island in the south Pacific. Unlike many oft photographed Pacific islands, it is not surrounded by white sandy beaches or coral reefs but by towering cliffs battered constantly by the ocean. 

Despite its relative isolation and distance from the main shipping routes, the island has a long and rich history of contact with the outside world. Captain Cook visited the island briefly in 1774 and he was followed by a parade of whalers, sealers, traders and missionaries. 

However, if you are off to Niue for a week's holiday (flights once a week from New Zealand to Niue so unless you're sailing, you'll have to go for a week), you may prefer a book on the flora and fauna of the island, or a Niuean-English dictionary, or a book on the geology. Just pop in and see what we've got to offer.


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