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Myths, legends, folk tales, fantasies - 8th Sep 2016

The Oxford Myths and Legends is a great series of books covering stories from all over the world. There are simple fables, tales of animals and villains, fairy stories, heroic sagas, entertaining escapades, ghost stories and more.

The series covers myths and legends from Russia, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Scandinavia, Yugoslavia (as was), Switzerland, Japan, China , Germany, India and more.

They are an extremely well written series and provide a consummate re-telling of many well known traditional tales as well as lesser known national legends.  There are amusing simple black and white illustrations and also attractive full-page colour plates by Kiddell-Monroe.

These books can be read simply for enjoyment or to further one's knowledge of the culture and traditions of each country.  Whatever your intent, they are well worth a read. 


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