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My Family and Other Animals - 28th Oct 2016

Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals

Many of us will be religiously glued to the tv every Wednesday evening at 8.30pm watching the BBC series (remake) of Gerald Durrell's book My Family and Other Animals.  If you missed the first episode on Wednesday, we strongy suggest you do a catch-up and then join the rest of us addicts. It is exactly the kind of programme that the BBC do so beautifully.  It is superbly made with an excellent cast and is very entertaining.  This is seriously good TV.

If I'm recommending the programme, imagine how wonderful the books must be (because they are always better than the film version).  Literally millions of people have loved and laughed at the quirks and foibles of the Durrell family.

If you are not yet familiar with Gerald Durrell's books, you have a treat in store. My Family and Other Animals, Birds, Beasts & Relatives, and The Garden of the Gods tell the story of Durrell's childhood on the Greek island of Corfu. They are light, humorous and entertaining as you can sort of tell from his choice of titles.  Come into the shop and buy yourself some books or if you can't come in, then just order a few on line.  

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