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Music makes the world go round - 12th Jun 2018

"Let me be clear about this: I don't have a drug problem, I have a police problem."
Keith Richards

"We don't comment on whales and the rainforest.  You need a rock star for that?  Some idiot who couldn't tune a guitar six month ago is now an environmental expert?"
Gene Simmons, KISS

Gods of Rock by Rob Fitzpatrick and Mark Roland is packed with legends, lore, myths, facts, escapades and quotations from the world of popular music from  AC/DC to ZZ Top.  If you run a pub quiz or just like trivia, this is the book for you: bands with mad names, longest prog songs, most overrated albums, songs used in political campaigns, religious rockers, least & most sexy rock stars, and much more.  

We have a huge range of books on all kinds of music.  Whatever your area, we probably have something to interest you.  Come in and have a look or browse through our online catalogue. You get over 100 books to browse with the key words 'country & western' and over 1000 with the key word 'music'.  

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