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Motorcycles - 2nd May 2017

Which company had the 'winged M' as its logo?
What bike won the 1952 Manx GP?
Which marque had models G50, G45, G80CS and G3L?
Which company was affectionately known as Matchbox?

If you answered all the above questions with ease, you may not need to read this book but you will certainly want to.

Matchless: Once the Largest British Motorcycle Manufacturer
by Peter Hartley

This history traces the development from pedal cycles to attached petrol engines to racing motorcycles and cars. There is coverage of all the highlights of TT and Brooklands and GPs and the association with AMC, AJS, Norton, Francis-Barnett and James.

These names arouse passion in the hearts of the many who think that this was British motorcycling at its very best: superb reliable engineering at a reasonable price.

Once Peter Hartley has extensively and inspiringly covered the rise and rise of Matchless, he then tries to explain what went wrong and what factors contributed to the demise of such a successful machine. His love for motorcycles and their engines shines through on every page.


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