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Most recent book buy - 15th Nov 2016

The intrepid, fearless, energetic and enthusiastic Hard to Find buyers set off in a large hired truck yesterday to do a huge book buy in Timaru.  A pair of tired, worn out but satisfied and euphoric buyers returned in the early evening with the truck packed to the gunwales.

Some heavy hitters were on hand when they arrived back to lug the boxes up the first flight of stairs and cram them into one of the book aisles, thus temporarily blocking access, as you can see from the photos. There they will remain until they've been processed and cataloguing can begin.  It's quite a daunting task but all in a day's work for our brave buyers.

Today, one was sporting injuries and staggering around in pain after packing and carrying such heavy loads but both were happy with the interesting selection they had purchased and looking forward to the next step. You just can't keep a good buyer down!

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