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More of our CHINESE JADE/GREENSTONE titles (Chinese Language) - 23rd Apr 2021

For your reference, pictures refer to:
(prices = NZ$)

1. Dictionary of Chinese Jade (2x volume set) $200 ak3/1/346
2. The Jades from Yinxu $150 ak3/1/345
3. China Jade Carving $60 ak3/1/344
4. Xinjiang's Gems and Jades (Chinese language edition) $70 ak3/1/343
5. Ancient Chines Jade / Actual Size Pictorial Book of Ancient Chinese Jades $80 ak2/8/340 
6. Illustrated Catalogue of Ancient Jade Artifcacts in the National Palace Museum $90 ak2/8/341
7. Catalogue of a Special Exhibition of Hindustan Jade in the National Palace Museum $55 ak3/1/343

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