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Matches & matchboxes (not the toys) - 15th Mar 2017

Now that society considers you an outcast or a pariah if you smoke, what are you to do with those lovely old-fashioned boxes of matches?

Match Tricks: Fun with Matches and Matchboxes
by Zodiastar

This intriguing little book is full of puzzles, tricks, games and clever stunts, all using those little old matches and matchboxes. Whether you are sitting comfortably by your log burner on a winter evening or socialising with friends or waiting for a train, make sure you have a box or two of matches and you will be able to entertain yourself and others for many a happy hour. 

Get yourself a copy of this book and you may be surprised at what you can do with such everyday items. 

As a bonus, you can find the answer to these questions:
  • How many matches in an average box?
  • Who invented matches and when?
  • Which wood are matches most commonly made of?
  • How many matches are made per year?

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