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Machiavelli - 16th Apr 2018

Machiavelli For Beginners is a series of books which takes relatively complex ideas and simplifies them so that they are accessible to beginners (hence the titles). The books are presented in a comic strip or graphic novel format, with the cartoon drawings complementing the text. The series covers all sorts of topics and people. Here are a few: Philosophy for Beginners, Postmodernism for Beginners, Dante for Beginners, Plato for Beginners, Islam for Beginners, Democracy for Beginners. There is a very long list of titles to choose from.

Why not start with the one on Machiavelli:
Machiavelli for Beginners
by Patick Curry and Oscar Zarate (Illus)

Get yourself this easy introduction to the life and ideas of Machiavelli and put yourself in the best possible position to read his famous book The Prince. Although it was published 400 years ago, it remains a relevant analysis of politics, government and power.


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