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Lee Child - 27th Oct 2016

Lee Child has a huge following of readers, especially for his series of books about the adventures of his loner hero Jack Reacher.

However, many people don't realise that Lee Child is the pen name of Jim Grant, who is actually British rather than American, which makes his feat in writing so convincingly about an American ex-military policeman pretty impressive.

Child's books are full of suspense and excitement from start to finish and really hold your interest.  As he is a really prolific writer, there are over 30 books to tempt you and keep you reading.  He is a great storyteller and you will find that you don't want the books to end.

Films have been made of some of the books so if you've seen one of those (starring the rather short Tom Cruise as the massively tall Jack Reacher) but not read any of the books, then now is the time to get started reading the series in order. I remember an interview he gave on radio where he admitted he'd made a fortune from his books and would like to retire, but he felt he owed his loyal readers for his success, so would keep writing as long as there is a demand for his books.

We have a large selection of his books both in the shop and in our on-line catalogue so come on in and get some light reading for the weekend.


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