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Lateral Thinking - 20th Oct 2017

A man was rushed to the emergency department of a hospital after an accident. The surgeon entered, took one look at the patient and then said, "I can't operate. That man's father is my father's son." How could that be?

If you struggled with that, then you probably need a weekend reading this:
A Whack on the Side of the Head: Unlock Your Mind with Lateral Thinking
by Roger von Oech

Develop your creative thinking with this book. It's a mix of wisdom, paradox, philosophy, fun and scientific fact presented through stories and mental exercises. You can learn to be much more innovative by getting rid of mental locks, breaking rules, being impractical, playing, searching for more than one answer, and accepting ambiguity as a positive.

Try this in the meanwhile until you can pick up a copy of the book. Two frogs fell into a vat of cream. There was no way to get any footing so they couldn't jump out. The first frog accepted that and drowned. The second frog decided not to give in. He managed to get out. How did he do it?

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