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Kung Fu - 8th Nov 2016

Kung Fu The Wisdom of Kung Fu
by Michael Minick

"Read a few more books and talk a little less."  Chen Chiju

That quote is probably not one you would automatically associate with Kung Fu. If that is the case for you, then you might be interested in reading Michael Minick's book.

It is a comprehensive guide to the ancient art of kung fu, which has been around for over five thousand years. He looks at its history from its start as a simple form of boxing right through to the art it is today.  

What I didn't know is that kung fu is not just a martial art, it is actually a way of life and encompasses self-defence, Chinese medicine, alchemy, weaponry, scholarship and philosophy (hence the gem of a quote at the start).  

The book also contains over 500 sayings embodying the wisdom of kung fu.  They make for very interesting reading and are certainly thought-provoking.  

Come in and get a copy of The Wisdom of Kung Fu or have a look at all the other books we have on eastern philosophies and martial arts and choose something to suit you.

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