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It's in the Post - 23rd Jul 2016

It's in the Post: The Stories Behind New Zealand Stamps by Richard Wolfe

When was the last time you sent something by post? No email or text can induce quite so much excitement as receiving a handwritten letter - at least until lotto jumps on the digital bandwagon! 

While sadly few seem to regard it as a viable form of communication these days, post has played an important part in the lives of people for centuries. As result, the stamps used can tell us a lot about how our country has changed over the years.

This book gives a great snapshot of the history, culture, and views of New Zealand over the years. From the first stamps printed for New Zealand in London 1855, to the modern stamps we see today, each provides an insight into important events, changing attitudes and national identity of the population.

This is a fantastic little book for the devoted philatelist, someone with an interest in history or design, or just the casual reader.

It might just inspire you to pick up a pen and write to somebody - keep the stamp designers creating new art and the postal service running! 

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