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Isaac Asimov - 1st Mar 2017

Isaac Asimov Asimov on Numbers

Everyone knows Isaac Asimov as one of the world's best writers of science fiction but in this book we see another side to him, which (unsurprisingly given the title) is the perfect reading for anyone with an interest in numbers. For example:

  • the importance of zero
  • why computers & people cannot use the same numbers
  • the Asimov series of fractions
  • what infinity really means
  • the story of pi
  • why imaginary numbers are real
  • squaring the circle
  • how to make a trillion seem small
There are seventeen essays on really diverse subjects from the elementary to the esoteric, including googols, T-formations, and a look at our concept of time and why it is structured the way it is. 

Now you can make any would-be mathematician happy with this entertaining and accessible collection of essays.

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