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If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet? - 7th Sep 2016

How can one resist a title like that?

This book was written by Cynthia Heimel who has been described as "an urban romantic with a scathing X-ray vision".  She is said to have humour and insight and to take pleasure in lampooning everything we hold sacred.  

(I wonder who 'we' is because it didn't include me;  I don't regard nightclubs, fashion, drugs, 'slebs' or yuppies with anything other than horror.  But that is by the by as this is not about me.)

However, if you can find some amusement in the fact that bellbottoms just keep reappearing with different names (and they weren't all that attractive the first time round) or that it's easier to talk to your teenagers about cannibalism than sex or that men named Melvin tend to be pear-shaped windbags, then this collection of essays covers all sorts of topics including men, women, men & women, trendy times, weddings, sex, and money, to name but a few.

If you read it, let us know what you think and whether you'd recommend it.

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