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IQ Tests - 11th Apr 2018

IQ Tests Whether you're in a panic about an upcoming IQ test, want to improve your IQ rating, enjoy pitting your wits against the quiz writers or just like showing off your scores, this book will provide you with hours of entertainment and self-improvement.

The Times Book of IQ Tests
by Ken Russell and Philip Carter

ALLEGED ARTIFICE is an anagram of which two words that are similar in meaning?
Find two five-letter boats out of these 10 letters: A A E F K K R R Y Y
What number comes next? 3412, 4223, 2334, 3442, ?
Which is the odd one out? warble, splutter, babble, prate, drawl
Mary has a third as many again as Mike who has a third again as Molly. In total they have 148. HOw many has each?

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