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How to Draw Anything - 13th May 2017

If you can write your name, you already have all the skills you need to draw (apparently). If you can't write your name, please refer to our article from a few days ago!

This complete course in drawing claims that being able to write means you can actaully draw - even if you think you can't. I am not convinced myself, being one of life's unfortunates born without a shred of artistic talent. I mean I struggle to make a cup look like a cup! However, that is beside the point.

How to Draw Anything: A Complete Guide
by Angela Gair
This book suggests that no musician would be expected to play a Mozart concerto without hours of practice; no athlete would think of winning an Olympic medal without years of training; no politician would dream of becoming PM without years of perfecting lying techniques; so why should an artist be any different.

What is required is regular drawing and sketching and lots of practice and Gair's step-by-step guide will quickly teach you to draw pretty much anything. Get started today and the sooner you will be proficient.

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