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Hone Tuwhare - 2nd May 2018

Deep River Talk: Collected Poems
Hone Tuwhare

I think Hone Tuwhare's poetry is accessible to those who don't normally have any interested in verse. I think his style is so varied that it can appeal to everyone. He can be rude and colloquial, learned and lofty, romantic and prosaic. Just have a look at these two and then buy the book.

New Zealand Rugby Union
What's in a game?
Apartheid would smell as sweet
If Rugby be they name.

English Lesson
The naked family came into the room
The naked family comes into the room
The naked family has come into the room
The naked family will be coming into the room
O Christ, what a mess: the naked family with halos
and donkey and all - and with a shitty-arsed baby
who needed wiping - is coming into the room again
from the patio.

They would not of come into the room again
if my master, the Master Painter Giotto, had not of
let them in to sit for him - without the donkey

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