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Heath Robinson - 11th Jan 2017

Britain at Play 
by W Heath Robinson, edited by Geoffrey Beare

Although William Heath Robinson is best known for his humorous illustrations of ingenious and impossibly complicated contraptions for doing very simple things, his mechanical gadgets were only part of his prolific output.

His work in this book illuminates the British at work, at play, at rest, on holiday, in courtship and indulging in ridiculously outlandish variations on popular sports - such as pogo golf or aquatic golf, luge gliding, sedentary tennis for the middle-aged, or noosing feral cats. Come to think of it, Gareth Morgan may want to hear about this. Perhaps someone could point him to this item.

His pictures are charming, eccentric, inventive, and unforgettable. Get yourself a copy of this book or one of the many other Heath Robinson books and while away a pleasant few hours looking at all these improbable mechanical devices.

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