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Health, mind, body, spirit - 18th Oct 2017

Health, mind, body, spirit Natural Superwoman: The Survival Guide for Women who have Too Much to Do
Rosamond Richardson

Don't be put off by the title. This is a very balanced book with a down-to-earth approach to mental and physical well being. The author offers a pretty common sense way to achieve natural health and vitality, successful personal relationships, a happy working life and balance in all things.

Richardson is not keen on faddy diets and doesn't give much weight to psychotherapy (which is refreshing I think). She advocates sensible eating, stretching, moderate exercise, a bit of time for yourself, eco-friendly options and pure beauty care. 

It is a beautifully illustrated book which is also attractively laid out. There are nine chapters dealing with different areas of total health. The highlighted concise hints at the sides of many pages summarise main ideas and are for great for quick reference. With summer almost upon us, it is time for a revamp of your internal and external self.

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