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Hard to Find Bookshop plate - 26th Oct 2016

This is a one-off piece of art with a nice little story behind it.  Naturally that tale is closely connected to the Hard to Find (but worth the effort) Quality Secondhand Bookshop.

Many years ago, the owner of Hard to Find lived quite near a potters' studio in Westmere, Auckland.  It was called Edge City.

They had a great range of weird and wonderful pottery and ceramics and one could not walk past without perusing the display.  One day while browsing there, Warwick asked them if they would consider making something original for his shop and thus the plate was commissioned.

Once Edge City delivered the plate, it stood proudly on display in the shop and was cause for interest and comment among the customers.  And then disaster struck quite shortly thereafter!  An employee (who shall remain nameless) smashed the plate to smithereens.

Word of this calamitous event reached the ears of the potters at Edge City and they appeared at the shop and offered to repair the plate at no charge.  They have done such a professional job that you won't be able to see it in the photos here.  

Why not come into the shop and admire the plate and the meticulous repair job? 

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