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Handwriting - 11th May 2017

Have you missed out on a job because you write like a child?
Do people think you're less intelligent than you are because of your scrawl?
Does your script make you appear uneducated?
Is your longhand illegible?
Does your handwriting let you down? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then here is a handy solution:
A Handwriting Manual
by Alfred Fairbank

This is a clear, concise and admirably practical book. With this book, and a pen in hand, anyone can master the basics in a day. There are "copies" which are easy to learn and, with practise, should result in fine handwriting.

It should suit students, teachers, professionals, and everyone with the slightest interest in lettering and the graphic arts.

You can open this as a complete beginner or a left-hander and readily master letter formation and spacing. You will be penning italics like a real pro before you know it. It is an indispensible manual for those who would like to improve.

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