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H P Lovecraft - 18th Nov 2016

H P Lovecraft Howard Phillips Lovecraft; writer of horror and science fiction, has a devoted following of readers. Decades after they were written, his books are still sought after with fans traipsing far and wide to track down copies of his novels that they haven't yet read.

He was a relatively prolific writer so there are many titles to choose from. Here are a few just to give a flavour of his books: In the Vault, The Hound, The Shunned House, The Rats in the Walls, Beyond the Wall of Sleep, The Beast in the Cave. You begin to feel the horror seeping through.

Although a brilliant ideas man when it came to his writing, Lovecraft had some pretty unpleasant political views. You may not have known that so as a Lovecraft fan you may be interested in this little paperback you see in the photo.  

It is by Richard Lupoff and is called Lovecraft's Book: The Astounding Story of HP Lovecraft and the Nazi Connection.  It relates a difficult period in his life where he flirted with fascism. I won't give any more away.  Come in and buy the book and see what you think.


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