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Great Religions of the World - 11th Aug 2016

There is understandable interest these days in learning more about the great religions of the world.

The six volumes in this series present the major religions of the modern world and explain their meaning, their traditions, and their contemporary significance.

Each volume contains a selection of the most important writings of the religious tradition.  These writings are accompanied by the editor's comments and interpretations elucidating meaning, beliefs and practices.  

Read about the teachings of Buddha and the basic philosophy of Buddhism.  Explore the world and many facets of Islam and the way of life of the Muslim.  Learn of the historical evolution of Hinduism and its roots in the Vedic tradition.  Study the meaning of Judaism and the Jewish spirit.  Clarify for yourself the different Christianity found in Catholicism and Protestantism and how it came about.

Each volume is written by an expert in the field and is informative, educational and highly readable.  

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