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Great Railway Journeys - 26th Apr 2017

Trains, railways and travel; surely an irresistable combination and a lovely reminder of a bygone era.

On the Slow Train Again: Twelve Great British Railway Journeys
by Michael Williams

Great British Railway Journeys
by Charlie Bunce & Michael Portillo

These two books celebrate the beauty of train journeys, in this case in Britain, and present a fabulous insight into the history, the landscape and the lasting legacy of railways. 

No-one can fail to be moved by the excitement and magic of train travel: waiting on a platform as a steam engine pulls in and then clambering aboard to claim a seat by the window, but even if you can no longer find a steam engine, you can still enjoy the charm and fascination of rail travel (as long as you are not commuting by train, of course). 

Michael Williams and Charlie Bunce approach the subject from different perspectives but both will leave you wanting to set out on your own train adventure as soon as possible.


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