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Footrot Flats - 29th Sep 2016

Murray Ball and the Footrot Flats collection

The series is written & illustrated by New Zealand cartoonist Murray Ball.  His brilliant drawings are the perfect foil to the lively and humorous stories.  It's hard not to love Wal and the Footrot Flats gang and there is a real treat in store for anyone not yet familiar with them.

The books deal with the daily exploits of the farmer Wal and his sheepdog "Dog" on the Footrot Flats farm.  Lots of other animals have starring roles too - turkey, goat, goose, horse and Major the pig-dog to name a few.   Wal's family, friends & neighbours contribute to the humorous portrayal of the farming life and their are plenty of others with cameo roles.

We have a huge selection of Footrot Flats books both in the shop and in our online catalogue.  Lighten up your life  with a little laughter and start collecting the entire set or brighten up someone else's life and buy them a copy as a present.  

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