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Folio Society Showcase! - 20th Aug 2020

The Folio Society has a reputation for releasing absolutely GORGEOUS editions of all our favourite books. 
We have many of them here at Hard to Find Books so we thought we should now would be great time to do a bit of a showcase!

The Folio Society started publishing books in 1947 with the aim to "produce editions of the world's great literature, in a format worthy of the contents, at a price within the reach of everyman".
It originally started as a membership club and it wasn't until 2011 that non-members where able to purchase these editions! Now you know.

Pictured are some of our favourite editions that we have in stock at Hard to Find Books and are all available online.

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien (1977): $225NZD SOLD!
The Plague by Albert Camus (1987): $120NZD
Paradise Lost by John Milton (1991): $100NZD SOLD!
Bhagavad Gita (2011): $50NZD
The Black Death by Philip Ziegler (1997): $20NZD
Seeds of Change by Henry Hobhouse (2007): $40NZD
The Great Plague of London by Walter George Bell (2001): $24.50NZD
London Characters and Crooks by Henry Mayhew (1996): $32.50NZD

If you are wanting a more indepth description along with some more fun facts on each book, follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @hardtofindbooksdunedin or @hardtofindbooks

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