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Crime Fiction Fans - 8th Jul 2016

Crime Fiction Fans Attention Lovers of Crime Fiction

It's surprising how many avid readers of murder mysteries don't read our own New Zealand authors.  We have a huge number of superb crime writers.  If you haven't ventured into this area before, you've got something to look forward to.  

Our own Ben Sanders is extremely popular and well known in the USA, far more so than here in his own country.  Give him a go.  Paul Cleave is a Christchurch writer and his recent "Trust No-one" is a great thriller and something a bit different from the norm.  Paul Thomas wrote "The Ihaka Trilogy" which combines a bit of humour with the murders.  

Couldn't possibly mention even a quarter of what's out there but here are a few more names to get you started: the obvious doyenne of crime Ngaio Marsh, Vanda Symon, Edmund Bohan, Barbara Else, Ian Clarke, Chad Taylor and Alix Bosco (aka Greg McGee).

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