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Creepy crawlies - 14th Jun 2018

A man walks into a pet shop and says, "I want to buy a wasp."
Shop assistant says, "Sorry, sir, we don't sell wasps."
The man says, "Well, you've got loads in the window."

Silly joke but it neatly brings us onto the subject of insects, entomology, zoology, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths, bees, wetas or whatever your particular area of interest is.

Today's pictures are from a three-volume set of Episodes of Insect Life, published in 1849 by Reeve, Benham & Reeve, by Acheta Domestica.    There are some superb illustrations as you can see.

We do have a huge range of entomology books, from general interest to the very specialised professional field, from cheap and cheerful to really expensive, from textbooks to picture books, from academic tomes to introductory courses.  Whatever you're after, we've probably got something of interest.  Browse through our catalogue and see what you can find.  

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