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Common whipping, lashing, tying up and getting knotted - 12th Jul 2016

No, not S&M but .......
.......a fascinating little book called 'Stringlopedia' by Adam Hart-Davis.

It's a mixture of science, history, and trivia which takes you through every conceivable use of strands, strings, twine and rope, from common shoelaces to string theory.  

Perhaps you were a fan of Swallows and Amazons and wanted to learn how to tie all the knots they mentioned: if so, this is the book for you.  Learn to tie stoppers, reefs, bends, hitches, loops and whippings like a real pro.

Find out about rope & religion, rope in weaponry, string in sport, string and magic, loopy inventions and much, much more.  

This is a fun, fascinating, frivolous but fact-filled little book.  And if you haven't read any of the Arthur Ransome Swallows and Amazon books, then check out our catalogue now.

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