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Commando Comics - 5th Jun 2017

Commando Comics Like old soldiers, old comics never die! so revisit your past:

The Dirty Dozen: The Best 12 Commando Comic Books Ever!
Edited by George Low, Commando Editor

Inland Navy, Riley's Rifle, Aces Wild, The Ship-Busters
Mustang Patrol, Death Patrol, Glider Ace, Trouble Spot
Battle Wagon, Three Two One Zero, March of the Monsters, Man of Iron

Here is Commando's ultimate collection of Second World War stories. These 12 were selected by George Low, who said it was no easy task to choose the "best" for this collection as there had been so many good stories and so much great artwork since 1961. He writes in his introduction that perhaps you'll find an old favourite you've all but forgotten or recognise a certain artist's style that you particularly admired.

Revive your comic-book battle lust: "Donner und Blitzen" "Gott im Himmel" "Achtung" "Englischer Schweinhund" "Aaaaaargghhh!"

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