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Comic and Fantasy Art - 19th Jun 2017

In the Garden of Unearthly Delights: The Paintings of Josh Kirby
by Nigel Suckling & Foreword by Brian Aldiss

This is a comprehensive selection of paintings from one of the best known fantasy artists. The pictures represent fantastic worlds peopled with the beautiful and the hideous, the romantic and the cruel, the appealing and the repulsive. 

Josh Kirby's paintings are vibrantly alive and full of colour. They depict everything from swords and sorcery to dragons and demons, maidens and monsters, aliens and androids. His work is found in books, magazines, film posters and in the occasional fine art exhibition.

Brian Aldiss says this: "It's the cover for #83 (of Authentic) which remains one of my all-time favourites. It features not coleoptera but a Cleopatra. A raven-haired beauty in a scanty gown makes her way through a hallucinatory maze, followed by a tiger. Around her are walls of flowers and fish. Our bathukolpian beauty looks suitably amazed by this. It's an intriguing, fantasic, delicate picture, and guaranteed to bring in the customers." 

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