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Colouring boooks - 24th Oct 2017

Apparently, there has been a bit of a craze for colouring-in books for adults. I heard of this first from listening to National Radio. They had an interview and a discussion about it. But the magnitude of the craze didn't really hit me until I looked round several airport bookshops recently and found that they were crammed with all sorts of 'adult' colouring books on just about every topic imaginable.

I suppose it is therapeutic - a bit like knitting for some people or doing jigsaws for others. However, I have just discovered that it can also be educational. You can get colouring books for physiology or microbiology or anatomy, for example.
The Anatomy Colouring Book
by Wynn Kapit and Lawrence Elson.

What a great way to memorise all that vocabulary and also make sure that you've got all the bits in the right place. A must for medical students I would have thought.


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