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Churches of New Zealand - 29th Aug 2016

Worship in the Wilderness by Geoffrey Thornton

This book is for those who are interested in New Zealand's heritage of small country churches. They may be beautiful buildings in themselves or they may rely on the splendour of their surroundings but either way they are a significant part of our history and our built environment.

Most of these small early rural churches were built of timber, which was an advantage as they could be transported to a new location when the need arose (unlike churches in the UK and Europe which were pretty much a permanent fixture once built).  

Whether you are interested in the architecture, the history, the settings & landscape, or simply in a guide of irresistible places to visit as you tiki tour around the country, this book will provide you with plenty of information from the Ratana Temple at Mangamuka Bridge to the Church of the Good Shepherd at Tekapo.  


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