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Christchurch earthquake - 13th Feb 2018

Christchurch earthquake Martin Van Beynen
Trapped: Remarkable Stories of Survival from the 2011 Canterbury Earthquake

This book documents the experiences of 30 survivors of the Canterbury earthquake in February 2011 in their own words. 
"I had a very definite feeling of forty-nine years on the planet and felt it was a significant amount of life." David Horsley
"There's no good reason why I'm alive today. By all the odds, I should be dead." Tim Cronshaw
"I just started to laugh because the church was trying to kill me." Sue Spigel
"I thought,'Hell, I'm stuck; I'm going with the building.'" Lyn Reid
"I remember more and more pressure coming on and thinking, I don't know how much more I can take." Ann Brower

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