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Childhood's literary characters from a different perspective - 16th Mar 2017

Childhood's literary characters from a different perspective Diagnoses
Tigger: ADHD predominantly hyperactive
Mad Hatter and March Hare: Shared Psychotic Disorder
Cinderalla: Approval Addiction
Goldilocks: Antisocial Personality 
Big Bad Wolf: Psychopathy

Intrigued? Then you need a copy of 
Tigger on the Couch: The Neuroses, Psychoses, Disorders and Maladies of our Favourite Childhood Characters
by Laura James

Dedicated to "all those bravely battling a psychological disorder and to the professionals who work tirelessly to help them" this inventive approach to personality disorders makes a valuable contribution to destigmatising mental illness. 

It is not a psychiatric textbook; it is accessible and appealing to everyone. It reveals how fairy tales can teach behaviour and values that children should avoid; it also shows how fairy tales can highlight core values and attributes that children should emulate. 

This is a fascinating read and may well send you back to scrutinise the flaws, problems and behaviour of the characters in your own favourite childhood books.


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