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Celebrate Otago Harbour! - 2nd Mar 2017

Anyone who has cycled, walked, sailed, rowed, paddled or fished their way up or down Otago Harbour will know what a stunningly beautiful place it is - and how unforgivingly stormy, windy and rough it can be at times.

Clearly, those who know the harbour best are the many sailors and fishermen and the dedicated pilots who work on the harbour every day in every conceivable condition. 

David Balderston wrote a book called Come Wind Come Weather: Tales of an Otago Harbour Pilot recounting his years of experience with the Otago Harbour Board. His story covers most aspects of piloting from handling the smallest squid boats to directing the gigantic container ships; from narrow escapes to smooth berthings; in weather calm, clear, foggy or windlashed. A relevant book for all locals and for anyone with an interest in New Zealand ports or pilots.


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