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Book covers - 21st May 2018

This week we are having a look at a few book covers, usually known as dust jackets or dust wrappers. They haven't been around as long as you might imagine. They really came into their own after 1900 when the decoration moved from the book itself to the dust jacket. I think around the 1920s the habit of putting the publisher's blurb and critical praise on the back also became quite common.

There are some very collectible dust jackets, the presence of which can make the price of the book skyrocket. There have been several books written on the history of the dust jacket (more interesting than you might think) and there is an entire field of art and artists of the dust wrapper. 

Most of us would recognise a few of the more memorable dust jackets we've seen and I expect we've all got our favourites. Can you identify today's two?

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