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Bonking - 7th Feb 2018

Bonking Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex
by Mary Roach

Roach is a science writer with a sense of humour and a topic which is of interest to all. Rather than tell you about this book, I am going to quote from a few reviews, which will give you a much better idea.

"This book is - if not better than the act itself - then a hilarious and entertaining alternative."
AJ Jacobs

"Lucky for us, Mary Roach is a writer impervious to embarrassment."
H Sides

"Mary Roach plunged into the little-known realm of sex research and brought forth an account that is at once revealing - alarmingly so - and very, very funny. She studs her journey with a multitude of knee-crossing bits of fact that will enliven bedtime conversation everywhere."
Erick Larson

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