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Being Good is Overrated - 12th Apr 2018

Being Good is Overrated Life tends not to reward the good so you might as well live a decadent, sinful, lavish, self-indulgent life doing exactly what makes you happy. If you happen to be one of those rare people who find it hard to spend money, eat whatever you like, splurge on treats, sleep late, relax, and ignore irritating chores - then you need this book. You will find it is a comprehensive guide.

A Year of Living Sinfully: 7 Deadly Sins, 365 Days
A Self-serving Guide to Doing Whatever the Hell you Want

By Eric Grzymkowski

Drive at your own speed / Take the largest piece of pizza or cake / Drink a $200 bottle of wine / Call in sick / Stay in bed all day / Cycle without a helmet / Get a massage / Pretend you've lost your voice / Avoid the mirror all day.

"Never believe in mirrors or newspapers" John Osborne

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