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Beer and Food - 21st Sep 2016

Beer and Food by Bill Taylor - a real 'glass' act.

Everyone loves food.  Most people love beer.  Lots of people love cooking. Here is a book that combines three of nearly everyone's favourite things: beer, food and cooking.

Given there has been a real explosion in craft & boutique breweries recently, this is a great time to experiment with matching different beer styles with food. Start by trying out some of the delicious recipes in this book and seeing if you agree with the chefs' suggestions about what beer to drink with them.  

Most people think of matching wines with food so here is a chance to branch out and try harmonising fine beer with favourite dishes.  You might become a convert.  

This is more than just a cookbook, it also looks at the history of brewing, the many varieties of beer available and how to pour with perfect foam.  It even tells you how and why to use beer warmers (??).  Read the book and you'll find out. ( I was not convinced!)

Buy this book, get cooking and impress your friends.


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