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Bags and Purses - 27th Jul 2016

There is a bag museum in Amsterdam called (informatively but rather unimaginatively) 'The Museum of Bags and Purses'.  

This book equally imaginatively titled 'Bags' offers an overview of some of the bags in that collection.  It covers the history, the uses, and the design of all sorts of bags over the last 500 years.  Included are pouches, wallets, chatelaines, reticules, travel bags, minaudieres, vanity cases, evening bags, designer bags and more.  This is a must for enthusiasts and professionals alike.  

If you just happen to be an inveterate collector of handbags then this will give you material for justifying your next unnecessary purchase.  You can learn all sorts of useful information from this book as well as trivia like what kind of bags Madonna prefers.  

Then you could move on to Michael Tonello's (much more imaginatively named) book 'Bringing Home the Birkin: My Life in Hot Pursuit of the World's Most Coveted Bag''.  

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