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Back Pain: The Scourge of a desk-bound society - 26th Sep 2016

The horrors of back pain, neck strain, headaches, sciatica and other associated problems.

Nigel Howard's Alternative Answers to Back Problems: The Complete Conventional and alternative guide to treating back pain
Andrew Wilson's Are You Sitting Comfortably? may be just what you're looking for.

Whether you've got a short-term complaint or a more serious long-term problem, back pain can be quite debilitating and can prevent you from concentrating or doing your job effectively.  

These books (and many others in stock) can answer your questions, give advice, treat and/or alleviate your pain, teach you about correct posture and choosing a chair, and much more.

There is information from back specialists and explanation of the various alternative remedies available to you such as acupuncture, reflexology, t'ai chi, aromatherapy, colour therapy and even self-hypnosis.  

Get reading today and sort that pain out before it ruins your life.


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