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Attention motorcycle racing fans - 30th Sep 2016

John Britten by Tm Hanna 
John Britten: The Boy Who Did Do Better by Jennifer Beck

This is a biography of John Britten, a really great New Zealand hero.  It covers his childhood and then moves on through his early forays into prototype motorcycles and his various failures and triumphs in design and engineering.

Working with a very small team in Christchurch, John Britten designed and built the Britten V-twin motorcycle, which was the fastest four-stroke bike in the world for a time.  The feat of beating some of the biggest and best bike manufacturers in the world is a testament to his passion and brilliance.  

If you are a Britten fan, then you can't do better than get a copy of the children's version of Britten's biography for your kids.  It is a lovely true story of an ordinary boy who overcame real difficulties at school.  Despite his report cards usually saying "could do better", he proved everyone wrong and went on to do much, much better; hence the title of this biography. 

Britten's design and engineering genius have been an inspiration to many. His life and his extraordinary achievements have relevance and appeal far beyond just those who are interested in motorbikes.  Read this book and marvel.


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