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Attention all budding writers - 9th Aug 2016

Begin at the beginning, go through to the end, then stop. (Lewis Carroll)

You want to write a novel but think you might need a bit more help than given above by Lewis Carroll.  You have an idea for writing about your life.  Perhaps the idea of a romance is germinating in your brain.  Maybe a bestseller or a potboiler is what you have in mind. You would like to write about travel. Whatever it is you plan to write, we have a marvellous selection of books to help you get started.

You can read about getting from the germ of an idea to the finished product.  You can learn about developing plot and characters.  Find out how to edit and proofread.  Get some practical advice on getting your project published.  Look for some hints on what to do when writer's block strikes.  

Get some clearcut examples of what works and what doesn't.  Try out some ideas on choosing a title.  Have a go at some of the invaluable exercises recommended in these books.  Who knows - with a little inspiration, insider insight, and your own creativity, you may be the next big thing.  

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